Yangtze River Cruise From Shanghai

Yangtze River Cruise From Shanghai - An authentic Chinese river cruise

Yangtze River Cruise From Shanghai – An authentic Chinese river cruise

Yangtze river cruise from shanghai is top among things to do in China for most visiting tourists. Why is the Yangtze River Cruise such a hot favourite? Its simply because many of the major historic monuments in China are along the way; the Terre Cotta Warriors, The Great Wall of China, Giant Pandas at the zoo, Summer Palace, Tinnamen Square, Three Gorges Dams and Forbidden City. The thought of cruise itself brings excitement and enthusiasm in all of us. When you say a cruise in the longest Asian river and third longest the world – you get the message. Yes there is nothing quite like the Yangtze River Cruise of China!! The river falls into the China Sea from the glaciers flowing approximately 6420 km across south-west  central and eastern China.  It is among the best cruises you can have, and quite distinct from the typical beach and sea cruises.

Some Unusual Attractions

Three Gorges Dam largest dam in the world - Yangtze River

Three Gorges Dam largest dam in the world – Yangtze River

These innumerable tourist attractions reveal the royal treasures of Beijing and Xi’an and also the liveliness of Shanghai. Three Gorges Dam, huge and wide structure is a great human achievement and definitely a hallmark of Chinese engineering prowess. It is the largest dam in the world.

Ghost City.” Another interesting site is an ancient village of temples. Considered as a place where the dead move into another world, it is not dark or ghostly, but very lively and colourful. “Nothing to Be Done Bridge,” “Ghost Torture Pass,” and “River of Blood.” are the attractions here.

Many of the cruise starts in the evening so travellers get time to settle and become familiar with the amenities and start touring fresh from the next day. Some cruise include side adventures in smaller boats.

 Aboard  A Yangtze River Cruise

"First Bend" - a beautiful spot along the Yangtze river

“First Bend” – a beautiful spot along the Yangtze river

Once you are on board shows and cultural presentations such as history of the river, the country and visiting attractions will keep you entertained. Spacious rooms and suites are well furnished. for the best view choose rooms with a private balcony. An assortment of authentic Chinese cuisine (both Cantonese and Schezwan) plus western food is at offer. You will find all amenities much like any other cruise in western countries.

For the more concerned traveller, rest assured medical service is  available on board with every ship equipped with a doctor on call. You also get internet access, international phone connection and sometimes even international Tv.

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