Wulingyuan, China

#2 in Best Places to Visit in China - The historic nature area Wulingyuan, which is located in Hunan Province,China, has become a rather popular and significant sightseeing highlight of the country and it amazes everyone with the great number of imposing and gorgeous nature formations.



Four nature reserves are incorporated in the area: Zhangjiajie Natural Forest Reserve, Suoxiyu Natural Resource Reserve, Tianzi Mountain Natural Reserve and Yangjiajie Scenic Area and altogether they occupy significant area of more than 2600 hectares. In 1992 UNESCO entitled it World Heritage Site.

Wulingyuan National Park

Although hiking and trekking are known to be the best ways on gaining more profound experience in exploring Wulingyuan, due to the great acreage it takes several days to go all over the site and hence it is advised to go there not only by feet but also to use some of the 2 cable cars, which are the main vehicles of internal public transport.

Two thirds of the area is occupied by very impressive quartzite pillars. There are more than 3000 of them and some of these pillars are even 200 meters high. There are also about 40 caves to visit and the most known of them is Yellow Dragon Cave (Huanglong), which is considered to be among the 10 largest caves in the country.

Bridge of the Immortals

Bridge of the Immortals

Also, while visiting Wuilngyuan, you cannot miss two solid natural bridges, which leaves the majority of visitors quite breathless – Xiānrén Qiáo or the Bridge of the Immortals and Tianqiashengkong or the Bridge Across the Sky. Huang Shi Zhai is the highest spot in the area and luckily it can be reached both by feet and cable car. If you are interested in boat trips, it is worth going to Baofeng Hu, which is a large artificial lake and provides not only some boating facilities but established hiking paths as well.

Comprehensive entrance ticket can be bought and it costs CNY 248. The ticket includes 3 day park pass, free rides on the public transport and insurance. Price for the student ticket is CNY 160.

Due to the variety of remarkable nature objects, which cannot be seen anywhere else, Wuilngyuan is definitely a destination to include if ever visiting China.

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