Windsor Castle, England

Windsor Castle, England

Windsor Castle, England (credit)

Ranked #6 in UK Tourism

Windsor Castle, being yet another residence for Her Majesty, the Queen, this splendid edifice acts both as a private home as well as a place where the Queen can conduct certain formal duties.

Windsor Castle Tour

Serving as royalty’s home for more than 900 years, there’s so much beauty to this historic castle that goes beyond what you may imagine. The Order of the Garter ceremony occurs herein, attracting members of the senior order of chivalry to attend the service in St George’s Chapel. These Knights of the Garter are treated to a formal lunch in the Castle’s Waterloo Chamber beforehand. A picture speaks a thousand words, meaning a look at the many portraits inside Windsor Castle is sure to give you an impression of how even royalty, from George I to the present Queen, wear the Garter robes and are considered part of this esteemed group. Hosting State visits from overseas monarchs and presidents, which has its own welcoming ceremony, they dine at the traditional State Banquet held in St George’s Hall. Aside from this there are still plenty more sights to soak up, so come check out a chunk of history here at Windsor Castle.

Inside Windsor Castle

Inside Windsor Castle (credit)

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