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Last of the Twilight Saga released on 14 Nov, 2012. The movie series that has taken teenagers by storm was filmed mostly in the outdoors. Scenes capture breathtaking backgrounds in North America and Italy. For all those Americans and visiting tourists here is the detailed “where was Twilight filmed” account. Movie buffs are sure to relive their favorite moments.

Common locations where Twilight was filmed

The Swan House: 28 Avenue & 188 St in South Surrey

Jacob’s House: Located on Victoria Drive, Port Coquitlam (red house on the end of the road).

The Cullen House: Stevens Drive, British Properties, North Vancouver. The landmark property is for sale if you can cough up $3.3 million

Twilight beaches: Ecola State Park-Indian Beach, Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Twilight “Breaking Dawn” Filming Locations (Part 1, 2) –  2011, 2012

  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
  • Vancouver, B.C. Canada
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Casa em Paraty
  • Magen’s Bay, St Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Twilight “Eclipse” Filming Locations – 2010

  • Vancouver, B.C., where “Eclipse,” the third in the wildly popular vampire-love movies based on the Twilight novels, was filmed. It was substituted for places in Washington state.
  • Mount Seymour, a 4,700-foot peak just north of Vancouver, where a love-triangle scene in a tent in the woods was filmed.
  • Minnekhada Regional Park in Coquitlam: Many if the outdoor scenes in Eclipse were shot here.

Twilight “New Moon” Filming Locations – 2009

  • Volterra, Italy (where Edward plans to commit suicide)
  • Town of Forks

“Twilight” Filming Location – 2008

  • Set mostly in Forks and La Push on the Olympic Peninsula and in Seattle, Portland and southwest Washington.
  • Forks: The Olympic Peninsula town that’s the main setting.
  • La Push: A sea-side village that is home to the Twilight character Jacob Black and his werewolf pack. It is located within the Quileute reservation.
  • Twilight Schools: High school scenes took place at Madison High School in Portland, OR and St Helens High School, St Helens.

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