Where was Thor Filmed – Thunder God Locations

In an effort to find where Thor was filmed we landed first in Iceland. The Ice Demon scenes and some of the outdoor locations were scenes captured in Iceland. Some scenes of Thor was also filmed in London. Lastly the film crew came back to United States to complete filming Thor. Below is the detailed list of place where Thor was filmed.

Where was Thor Filmed – Filming Location Details

  • Iceland: Dómadalur, Skógafoss (a waterfall situated in the south of Iceland at the cliffs of the former coastline. It is a popular tourist attraction in Iceland. Frost Giant realm when filmed in winter). Other locations in Iceland are  Fjaðrárgljúfur and Skeiðarársandur.
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA: Thor is banished to the desert of New Mexico to be found by Jane. The scenes move into the the small city of Sante Fe where the final battle on Earth takes places before Thor heads to Asgard to take on Loki.
  • Other locations in the United States are as follow:
  1. La Jolla, San Diego, California, US
  2. Los Angeles, California, USA
  3. Mystery Mesa, California, USA
  4. New York City, New York, USA
  •  Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, London was also a location used for the movie

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