Where was Avatar Filmed

A lot of people are curious to know where was Avatar filmed? The places shown in the movie are so breathtaking that we all want to visit the places where the movie was filmed to enjoy the real beauty of nature. Unfortunately, the movie was not entirely shot in live locations. Most of the movie is computer generated but some real locations were used to film Avatar.

Avatar Filming Locations

1. Hawaii is one of the filming locations.

2. Parts of California

3. Parts of Wellington in New Zealand and in a studio in Wellington.

4. Floating mountains created in Avatar was inspired by Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China.

Film Avatar took everybody by surprise and blew our minds away to see a Cinematic Genius, James Cameron come up with such a great film that is beyond superlative. This movie raked in over $2.5 billion worldwide. This is solely because of the cutting edge technology and beautiful backdrop.

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