Watamu, Kenya

You’ll find this lovely quaint place 24 kms. south of Malindi. Not only does it have its own marine national reserve, Watamu has changed the way Kenya is viewed by tourists. It’s become such a motley mix of modern and old-fashioned, with progressive additions made almost every few months that does nothing to change the fun element here.

Turtle Bay - Watamu Beach

Turtle Bay – Watamu Beach

Watamu Attractions

Watamu Beach – Turtle Bay

As far as beaches go, Turtle Bay is one of the most sublime of them all. You can see the coral heads and sand ones too rising up out of the sea, making for a view as breathtaking as how they’ll turn out in your camera.

Because it has a marine reserve, you get to go snorkeling. Speaking in this vein, it’s also where deep-sea fishing enthusiasts go in droves and people who love water sports can’t get enough of the programs on offer in Watamu.

Lodging and accommodations can be found either around the village or along the peninsula. Prices vary, so everyone has something they can either afford or splurge on. The marine reserve is home to many a tropical fish species and corals, making it something to admire indeed. Watamu is also famous for its Green-Backed Turtle population, so be sure to check that out. You may have to learn the timings when these Turtles come into viewing range.

 Green Backed Turtle

Green Backed Turtle

Watamu Safari Tours

Touring in Watamu is one of those simple ways you get to see almost everything. Approach companies like J&B Ndaa Safaris and Safari Tours Lemodja to choose from a bunch of options and pay packages.

Watamu Safari

Watamu Safari

The safari options in Kenya are simply superb. You have anywhere from 1-day to a 6-day safari option, so choose well and have fun, because the lay of the land and the flora and fauna on it are amazing to see up close.

Diving in Watamu

Diving is yet another attraction in Watamu, and some of the most memorable locations in this regard are Malindi Marine Park, Shimoni Marine Park and Watamu National Marine Park. They have some amazing offers, depending on the season, and you’re sure to have the time of your life diving here.

Diving in Watamu

Diving in Watamu

Seeing as how this is Africa, it’s kinda obvious that you may need to have your paperwork in ideal order. The last thing you want to spoil your vacation or trip is to have paperwork become a hassle. The next thing you need to keep in mind is that Kenya’s political climate is not so calm these days. As long as you follow the rules and keep your caution meter up and running, there’s nothing to keep you from having fun.

Sunscreen is a must-take to Watamu. It can get very hot, especially on the beach. Another thing you need to carry along is medication. It’s not all that easy to find meds prescribed to you in the Watamu area, so taking them means saving yourself a bucket load of trouble.

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