Vostok Station, Antarctica

Ranked #1 in Coldest place on EarthVostok Station is a Russian research station in the South Pole that is famous to have recorded the coldest temperature on earth. On July 21, 1983 Vostok Station recorded -128.6 degrees Fahrenheit (-89.2 Celsius). Vostok station was established on 16 December 1957 for scientific research in the field of magnetosphere, actinometry, geophysics, medicine and climatology. In 1974 it was discovered that a region an underground fresh water lake. Many discoveries continue to come. While visiting this place is near impossible, there are special expeditions that get organized.

Beyond cold other reasons that make life difficult in Vostok Station include: (1) Lack of oxygen, (2) wind speed that ranges from 5kms/hr to 18kms/hr, (3) nights that last for 130 days and (4) a complete lack of moisture.

Coldest Place on Earth is Vostok Station, Antarctica

Coldest Place on Earth is Vostok Station, Antarctica



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