Villa La Angostura, Argentina

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Villa La Angostura is a beautiful village that sits on the bank of Lake Nahuel Huapi in Neuquén, Argentina. Located amidst ancient forests, lakes, rivers and mountain range, this fairytale village has everything to enjoy a memorable vacation.

Villa La Angostura, Argentina

Villa La Angostura, Argentina

Villa La Angostura Attractions & Activities

Villa La Angostura - Correntoso

Villa La Angostura – Correntoso

This gorgeous mountain village is free of overuse and so it preserves its natural beauty. From comfortable accommodation to mouthwatering cuisines, the village has all the things to keep visitors happy. It is a heaven for fishing lovers. The mouth of the River Correntoso, which is just a few kilometers away from the village, is the ideal place to catch large trout.

Villa La Angostura is becoming a popular resort for vacationers all over the world, as it offers plenty of opportunities for fishing, trekking, hiking and skiing. If you visit the village in winter, you can approach Mount Bayo and enjoy skiing and many other water sports. In winter, the trees are covered with snow.  In the fall, you can enjoy the spectacular beauty of nature, when trees change their color to yellow, orange, ocher and red. In spring, you can get plenty of opportunities to view wildlife and summer offers opportunities to enjoy a range of recreational activities.

The village is located inside the Nahuel Huapi National Park, which is famous for its abundant wildlife. You can spot cougars, foxes, pudus, Andean huemuls and Huillin in the park. It is also home to a wide range of bird species, including geese, blue eyed cormorants, ducks, swans, Magellanic woodpeckers, green backed fire crowns and green Austral guanacos. The park offers ample recreational opportunities, which include rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, kit surfing, rock climbing, golfing, trekking and paragliding.

The Myrtle Forest is an exquisite place to visit in this region. You can access it by foot, bike or by sailing on a catamaran across the alluring waters of Nahuel Huapi. The magnificent landscape of Villa La Angostura provides you with plenty of photographic opportunities. From the snow capped peaks to windswept plains, the village has numerous places to enjoy the elegance of Mother Nature. Strolling around the quiet roads, horse riding across the mountain and sailing will surely allow you to abide by the fantasy of getting away into an excellent vacation. Don’t forget to relish the Patagonian cuisine.

How to get to Villa La Angostura

Villa La Angostura is just 76 kms from San Carlos de Bariloche city. Public transportation services are available daily from Bariloche to the village.

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