Vietnamese People

Even though the history has not been lenient towards the Vietnamese people and many big nations have tried to influence this country, Vietnamese people are still proud to have maintained majority of their traditions and customs. As for a tourist in Vietnam, there will be lots of interesting people to meet and situations to observe.

Vietnamese People

Vietnamese People (credit)

The first thing you can notice about Vietnamese people is the incredible hospitality and kindness they express, even to a complete stranger and a foreigner. This attitude is certainly not artificial or created to make the tourists feel better. No, it is the way of them truly seeing other people around them as friends. Vietnamese people are also very humble and modest, they do not thrive for material values, and bigger appreciation is given to the religion and ancestors. People there will talk quietly and that is what you should do too – speak with them in a calm tone, there is no need to add some body language. Also, for them it is not common to show aggressiveness on the street – that is one of the ways to lose respect. Vietnamese people are also very serious about a given promise – once they have promised you something, be sure that no matter what it takes they will take this promise to be kept.

Vietnamese people will welcome you with a sincere and warm attitude, so be thankful for this while enjoying your time in Vietnam because such a genuine hospitable and amiable atmosphere is getting scarcer these days.


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