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Venezuela Tourism

Venezuela Tourism (credit)

Venezuela tourism is one of the most under-rated among all the South American countries when it comes to leisure travel. Yet it has a good part of the great Amazon with its anacondas, piranhas and vast wilderness, Angel Falls (the tallest waterfall in the world), the Andes mountain ranges, longest Caribbean coast for any country and many more. To make tings easy for the travelling tourist here are the best of tourism in Venezuela.

Venezuela Tourism – Top 10

Below are the major tourist attractions and reasons why people visit the country.

1. Angel Falls

Angel Falls, named after a USA aviator, is the highest (979 meters) uninterrupted waterfall in the world. This is arguably the most visited location in Venezuela. Even though the waterfall is located in a dense forest, many thousands visit every year. The surrounding forest also has all kinds of exotic animals for you to see.

2. La Isla Margarita or Margarita Island

Margarita Island is the biggest island on Nuevo Sparta, a Venezuelan state and located in the Caribbean Sea. The main industries this island supports include fishing, tourism, and construction. Playa El Yaque, Playa Punta Arenas, Playa Parguito and Playa Caribe are just a few names of the 50 plus beaches on Margarita Island and one of the main Venezuela tourism attractions.

3. Caracas

Caracas is the largest city in Venezuela that is closely located to the Caribbean Sea. This place has a great potential for real estate and is also a tourism hub in Venezuela. It has many attractions like the Museum of Colonial Art or the Contemporary Art Museum and many other cultural places to visit.

4. Mochima National Park

Mochima National Park is located on the northeastern coast of Venezuela with a spectacular marine area and a stunning mountainous area. This park was created to protect and preserve the beauty of the Turimiquire Dam, and Turimiquire Range; which offers virgin sights almost untouched by humans- it is a must visit for adventure tourism in Venezuela.

5. Canaima National Park

This spectacular national park covers almost 12,000 square miles, about the size of Belgium. It has a unique biological environment and boasts having the highest waterfall in the world- Angel Falls. It also has an abrupt relief and unique rock named Tepuis, which has created a buzz in the geological world as well as Venezuela tourism.

6. Morrocoy

Morrocoy has huge waterways and mangrove areas, home to unique animals that are not encountered anywhere else in this world. A great Venezuela tourism spot, it offers great white sand beaches, which make it an amazing place to visit for people who look to get a good tan, great swimming experience as well as outdoor expeditions.

7. Los Llanos

Los Llanos is a luxurious place to visit. Ideal for nature lovers, the place has flooded grasslands and during the rainy season, this turns into a wetland. The wildlife here is abundant with unique species, mostly exotic species that cannot be found anywhere else on the globe – an upcoming Venezuela tourism destination.

8. Pico Bolivar

Pico Bolivar is the highest mountain to be encountered in Venezuela with a unique name for its peak summit – called Mirror Peak. Climbers should know that the best period to climb this giant is the dry season, as the weather will be less harsh than it is in the rainy season which is know for its relentless rains.

9. Cumana

Cumana is the first city founded by the Spanish Conquistadors. Iglesia de Santa Inés should be visited for its amazing architecture and Cueva del Guácharo- an amazing cave named after a fruit-eating bat-like bird. There are also many other species of birds and interesting animals out there for you to see.

10. Puerto La Cruz

Puerto La Cruz, a port city, is situated in Anzoátegui State in Venezuela. The main course in this port are the nearby islands, which have clear white sand beaches, rated as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The city is surrounded by the beaches of Mochima National Park.

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