Unusual & Dangerous Sports From Around The Globe

Since many centuries people all over the world have supported different kinds of sports and games, either individual or representing teams. In tourism as well it is not that recent activity to head to a destination just to see particular sport games or events such as Olympics or FIFA. However, there are some surely unusual sports people not only do but also are keen fans of. Here is the list of 5 most unusual sports on the planet.

JalliKattu (Sport of taming a Bull)

The sport of JalliKattu – bull taming or bull cuddling – in Madurai area, India, is an annual event with history and traditions that dates back to several centuries. It takes place each year during 7 month period – from January to July – in several parts near Madurai. What makes these games so particular and unique is the fact that specific breed of cattle is required to be bred in order to organize these games. Each year several people get severe injuries or even die since the bulls prepared for JalliKattu taming actually are prepared to be more dangerous than for instance the ones trained for bullfights in Spain.

Jallikattu - Sport Of Taming An Angry Bull

Jallikattu – Sport Of Taming An Angry Bull

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