Unfinished Church, Bermuda

When it comes to cultural heritage and architectural sites, tourism brochures and information sources usually offer complete and solid buildings – castles and churches, but could you ever imagine that something unfinished can be so charming, that it is still worth seeing and is acknowledged as a part of cultural and historical legacy? Well, that’s exactly the case of Unfinished Church in Bermuda.

Unfinished Church, Bermuda

Unfinished Church, Bermuda (credit)

Unfinished Church Trivia

In 1874 it was intended to build a new, impressive church in the town of St. George. The construction work actually started but due to numerous reasons the church was never finished, all the work stopped in 1926 and the church remained as what we see it these days – incomplete yet magnificent giving us a chance to imagine how impressive it would look if it would be actually completed.

Unfinished Church Yard

Unfinished Church Yard (credit)

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