Underwater Hotel, Dubai

The needs of the modern traveler are constantly changing and transforming, and therefore more and more often see some really unimaginable ideas realized. Most probably 20 years ago the idea of living in an underwater hotel seemed quite daring, but now it is very close to become the reality for every guest of Dubai. There have been several ideas of various underwater hotels, but the most recent one is Water Discus Hotel.

Underwater Hotel, Dubai

Underwater Hotel, Dubai

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Underwater Hotel in Dubai – Water Discus

Seeing the design of the hotel, it most certainly seems like something out of this world.  The solid structure is planned to consist of two huge discs – one above the water but the other – under it. The discs will be connected with a vertical lift shaft and five legs meaning that it will be possible to move from one structure to another by a lift.

So what will you receive when staying in a room, which is located 10 deep under the water? First of all it will be the amazing view. Just imagine yourself lying in a comfortable bed gazing at the coral reefs and observing how the underwater world is living. There will be 21 rooms in Water Discus and all of them will provide the best possible view. All the other hotel facilities such as restaurants and lobbies will be situated in the upper structures or as they call it – satellites.

Is Underwater Hotel Safe?

It is probably the first question that comes to everyone’s mind when hearing about accommodation under water. Firstly, there have been large investments made in the creation and planning the design of the building. Hundreds of professionals not only from Dubai but from other countries e.g. Poland and Belgium have been involved in this and hence you can be sure everything is fine with making sure this solid structure won’t just collapse some day. Secondly, there are very strict rescue measures taken into account every day and even some truly innovative solutions have been created in case of emergency for example if some of the satellite disks detaches from the main disc, it can still function as lifesaving vessel.

So, if you have ever had a desire to overnight under water, definitely go to Dubai. You will be astonished by how far a mankind and the technological achievements have been developed just so we could be able see the world from totally different perspectives.

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