Turkish People

Turkish people are very open and friendly. Though, when it comes to their traditions and religion, it is still very important to stick to their beliefs. Be friendly and communicative and there should not be any problems for you to get along with the Turkish people. 

Turkish People

Turkish People (credit)

Turkey is a rather exciting and culturally rich country to visit. Contact with the locals is something you will simply not be able to avoid. “So, what will Turkish people be like and how should I act when communicating with them?” you probably wonder. There is lots to explain yet there are some basic things to keep in mind and some of them will certainly be too obvious so it will be useful for you, as a tourist, to be ready for them in advance.

Turkish people are very well known for their hospitality and friendliness. However, do not be afraid. When meeting for the first time, Turks will come up with dozens of questions for you, but none of them should be taken too seriously and there is no need to give detailed answers – just keep them short and it will be enough to show the respect and not to offend anyone at the first minutes of your meeting. Majority of Turkish people are very strict about their religions, so, for instance, if you are a woman, when entering a mosque, always remember to keep your shoulders and legs covered. If you go shopping – do not be afraid to bargain, most of the Turkish salesperson will appreciate your effort and you will be kindly welcomed not only to get the best deal but perhaps even be invited to some small tea or coffee break.

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