Tsavo West National Park – Known for its Magnificent Scenery

Tsavo West National Park

Tsavo West National Park

Tsavo West National Park is an excellent spot for nature lovers and adventure seekers. From cave exploration to underwater fish watching, the Park offers ample opportunities to get close to nature. It is a perfect destination for those who want privacy and solitude and a chance to enjoy wilderness.

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How to get to Tsavo West National Park

Located on south eastern Kenya, Tsavo West Park is 240 kms away from the capital city Nairobi. It can be accessed from Nairobi and Mombasa by road. There are three airstrips in the park, which allow you to reach the place by air.

The park covers 7, 065 square kilometers. The area receives rainfalls in two seasons. It gets long rains in March and April and short rains in November and December. The Park is renowned for two things- the cruel story about Man eaters of Tsavo and the second one is for being a main battle field in First World War. The British and German troops fought for territory here.

Tsavo West National Park Wildlife

Masai Giraffe - Tsavo West National Park

Masai Giraffe – Tsavo West National Park

Tsavo West National Park is covered with springs, volcanic cones, lava flows , isolated hills, pam thickets, riverine vegetation and rocky outcrops. The rolling volcanic landscape is filled with long grass and thick bush. Tall grass and trees make game spotting little bit difficult. However, the park is the habitat of a wide range of animals, including elephants, Cape buffalo, black rhino, Masai lion, bush baby, lesser kudu, hartebeest and Masai giraffe. It is also a sanctuary of more than 600 species of birds, which makes it a paradise for birding enthusiasts. To know more about safaris visit African Safari Tours.

Attractions & Activities

The Park has plenty of attractions, including caves with the potential for exploration, recent volcanoes, underwater hippo and fish watching, hiking, Mzima springs and abundant flora and fauna. The diverse habitats provided by the park include open plains, savanna bushes, rocky ridges, acacia woodlands and semi desert scrub, which make it an ideal place for innumerable animals and bird species.

The park setting is excellent for rock climbers. You can view elephants roaming the plains and eagles and falcons circling on thermals. The park offers excellent accommodation options, ranging from safari camp, lodges to self catering accommodation. Waterholes built by the lodges assure you to enjoy some fantastic game viewing. Apart from game viewing, you can enjoy nightlife in the park by staying in the public or special campsite. The park is a perfect place to visit all year round.

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Park Contact Information

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Postal Address:
The Warden,
Tsavo West National Park
PO Box 71,
Mtito Andei, Kenya

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