Traditional Dances of Kenya

While there are many dances in Kenya, here are the top 3 or most popular traditional dances in Kenya.

Kamanu Dance

A native dance common in the Eastern Province of Kenya among the Meru. It is a cultural dance performed by men and women during happy occasions especially courtship ceremonies.

Traditional Dances of Kenya

Traditional Dances of Kenya

Ncha Traditional Dance of Kenya

This is a festive dance among the minority llchamus community who live along Lake Baringo.

Akisuk Kenyan Traditional Dance

A dance performed by the Iteso who live on the border of Kenya and Uganda in Western Province. This is a dance ritual common during the Epunyasi ceremony where the remains of the leaders among the Iteso people are buried so that their souls rest in peace and enabling them to protect their family from evil spirits.

Many of the national dances can be seen first hand if you visit the Bomas of Kenya, a tourism village established near Nairobi National Park. For those planning a visit to Kenya, you must take a look at things to in Nairobi.

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