Top Attractions & Things to do in Suffolk, Europe

You can easily say every English county is something out of a picture-perfect postcard. But restricting ourselves to one of them brings up Suffolk. The landscape alone is a thing of art and the people much warmer than the clime. You sure can find a lot of amazing things to do in Suffolk.

Things to see in Suffolk - Battle Abbey

Things to see in Suffolk – Battle Abbey

Quick alert: if you’re visiting anytime in May through June, be sure to partake in the Walking Festival which starts on 11 May and ends on 2nd June. It may sound drab, but the fun events and socializing opportunities along your hike will be worth checking out.

How to get to Suffolk

You can get to Suffolk in many ways, be it car, bus, rail or plane. It’s the accommodations you need to focus one, because if you don’t arrive early—especially in tourist season—you may find all the best places are taken. Booking in advance is a step in the right direction.

Fun things to do in Suffolk, England

Horse Riding - Things to do in Suffolk

Horse Riding – Things to do in Suffolk

A superb way to re-discover the countryside is to go cycling along its many idyllic hillocks and woodland and whatnot. Not only will you get a stark and lovely image of Suffolk this manner, but you enjoy it in ways a guided tour can’t afford you.

Being on Britain’s east coast means a beach scene to check out, but the climate can be a bit of a bother in this regard. This is when you get sailing, which is amazing here. Horse riding isn’t out of the equation and, like cycling, is yet another way to enjoy Suffolk.

As far as regional events are concerned, check the local listings. You’ll find many of them are run by the Suffolk Wildlife Trust, so you can be sure to expect thrills. After all, there are 51 nature reserves and wildlife sites they manage. Then there are programs that focus on health walks, which seem to be a growing need in fast-paced behind-the-desk society. Then there’s the Farmers’ Market to check out where the word ‘fresh’ is given a whole new meaning.

The sheer number of museums is stunning. There are hundreds for you to choose from, mere pittances of which are museums like Bungay, Felixstowe, Ipswich, Lowestoft, Saxmundham, Sutton Hoo and Woodbridge.

Suffolk is the proud host of many a heritage site. Check out Battle Abbey where in 1066 the Battle of Hastings took place. Abbotsbury Abbey has a hilltop overlooking it where you’ll find a 14th-century chapel they record as built by monks to serve as a pilgrimage and retreat. The Aldborough Roman Site gives away its secret in its very name. Like this, there are more than seventy locations for you and your camera to be introduced to, so have fun and be a part of Britain’s proud past.

And the cuisine! Hmm-mmm! You’ve got to direct your palate to Orford Smokehouse, Shawsgate and Wyken Vineyard, Needham Market, all of whom have dishes destined to dazzle you. And who can forget that Brit classic, fish ‘n chips!
Suffolk is a place where peace exists amidst a throng of beauty, liveliness, modernity and thrill-filled fun. Be sure to make the most of it.

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