Top Attractions & Things to do in San Francisco

Things to do in San Francisco

Things to do in San Francisco

A plethora of experiences awaits the person who chooses San Francisco as their destination. There are plenty of things to do in San Francisco. It has a sublime sunny clime and a world of memories just waiting to be created. Whereas neighborhoods aren’t exactly points of interest in a handful other American States, it is in this one.

Fun things to do in San Francisco

Consider Bayview and Candlestick Point. From the 70-mile light rail track to the legendary sports stadium you can’t help but wonder how so much and more can be packed in one neighborhood. The same can be said for Union Square, Chinatown, Nob Hill… The list goes on.

San Francisco is known as the ‘gay capital of the world’ due to it’s openness to sexuality and how everyone has the right to be themselves. This makes it one of the friendliest and most fabulous locations in all of America. The people, especially those who are gay, possess charming personalities, which is a far cry from the rudeness and indifference modern society is so fond of.

ArtSpan is an art expo where over 800 local artists create marvels on canvas that are ready to sell. The Bay Area Discovery Museum is simply superb. The learning awaiting you inside coupled with the antiquity and sense of thrills is found in only a few other museums across America.

The literature festival is spell-binding. Called Litquake, it happens annually and you’re sure to see all sorts of authors, publishers and sundry literary sub-events take place at the time. The California Academy of Science at 678 Mission Street is a must-see. Not only does it have a natural history museum, there’s a planetarium and an aquarium too, built with detail in mind and all under one roof. For the kids to have a great time, take them to the Children’s Creativity Museum at 221 Fourth Street.

Whether it’s fine grooming in Barber Lounge at 854 Folsom Street or some amazing relaxation at Burke Williams Spa situated at 845 Market Street, you’ll not come out feeling the same. In fact, it’ll feel like being in a movie where you’re the star.

Accommodations at San Francisco

Accommodations at San Diego can be a bit hard to get. So book in advance. Don’t go for hotels alone but try Bed & Breakfasts like 2198 Jackson Street’s Jackson Court. It’s a re-converted historic mansion. Then there’s a more European-style spot at 1660 Stockton Street called the Washington Square Inn.

As far as cuisine goes, be sure to keep your dining moderate because the food here is irresistible. You can practically find anything, any food-type and any cuisine-genre, so choose well and enjoy.

And, well, it’s California after all, so the night life goes without saying. Whether you’re a gay or straight couple or even a single person, there are bars and/or clubs that cater to your comforts. All you need do is ask around and within minutes there’s someone friendly enough to point you in the right direction and offer tips and suggestions too. Never leave a place like San Francisco without shopping in it, even if it’s only going to be an affair with you and a window.

Overall, the city stands as one of the most hip and happening in all of America. It’s embraced open-mindedness, progress, modernity, efficiency, beauty, art, glamour and drama, all in ways never before thought imaginable. So, are you heading to San Francisco? If yes, it’s probably one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

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