Top Attractions & Things to do in Salt Lake City

One of America’s most picturesque States is Utah. It’s lovely and peaceful, adding to the credence why Salt Lake City is the location of choice for people everywhere. There are tons of things to do in Salt Lake City. As far as sailing goes, this is the place to be. You can even learn all the basics from capable trainers, so you’re good to go.

Fun things to do in Salt lake City

Things to do in Salt Lake City - Trolley Square

Things to do in Salt Lake City – Trolley Square

The city is named after Salk Lake and its extensive body has more than enough room to sail away into the horizon. The Nauti Girl has best experiences to offer you. Go on this 27-foot sail boat to various ecosystems and lake areas and simply enjoy the feel of it all.

Trolley Square is a National Historic Site you’ve got to check out. You can find shopping, entertainment and dining opportunities here that’ll keep you coming back for more. Set in the east-side downtown area, you’ll see the quaint appeal when you spot yester-year trolley car barns holding all the fun.

The Lagoon Amusement Park is put up just seventeen minutes north of downtown, so let that be your next stop. This amazing place has water rides and a historically true-to-heart Pioneer Village you’ve got to see to believe. Music isn’t out of the picture.

Utah's Hogle Zoo

Utah’s Hogle Zoo

Utah’s Hogle Zoo is splendid. The sheer variety of exotic animals, from elephants and tigers, to giraffes and snakes are held in natural habitats along with hundreds of other species. The zoo is a wonder to reckon with.

Love a game of hockey? Watch the infamous Utah Grizzlies battle it out on ice in the due season (October-April). They’re part of the International Hockey League and were champions in 1995, 1996, so you’re sure to have a game to thrill your sporting senses.

From dance and ballet to musicals, performances and good drama, you sure can catch these at Capitol Theatre. It was built in 1913 and is so well maintained. The enjoyment of Art herein will transport you to a dream-world.

Red Butte Garden

Red Butte Garden

Get to Foothill Blvd. and off on the east side you’ll see the Red Butte Gardens. Ask for directions, if needed and make it quick because this is where you’ll find the best panoramic view of all of Salt Lake Valley. Sunrise and sunsets make them ideal for a photograph that will go down in memory as one of your most awe-inspiring.

Red Butte Garden Concert

Red Butte Garden Concert

The Living Planet Aquarium is the place to head to with your children. Not only does it sport an educational facility, but also a cultural and entertainment one. You can interact with the animal-life too, adding to the richness of the experience.

Pioneer Memorial Museum

Pioneer Memorial Museum

The Pioneer Memorial Museum is a very important part of Salt Lake City’s history, so forgetting to visit that place is a sin. Just kidding, but check it out anyway. It’s at the U. of U and is a 74,000-square foot space of wonders. Save some of that awe for the Natural History Museum of Utah. At 51,000-square feet, it’s not the space that matters but all the marvels to learn within.

Salt Lake City is a joy-ride just waiting to happen, so jump in and be driven to a place where your heart will find a niche to call its own.

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