Tigre, Argentina – A Perfect Getaway Vacation From Buenos Aires

#2 in Best Places to Visit in Argentina - Tigre is a scenic and pleasant town, which lies only about 30 kilometers from Buenos Aires – the capital of Argentina. Tigre was founded in 1820 and was given the name because of the jaguars (tigres, in French since Argentina was occupied by the French then) which used to densely inhabit the area. Today Tigre has become a particularly attractive tourism destination for both international and local travelers.

Tigre Argentina

Tigre Argentina

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Tigre Attractions

The main ground and reason of why Tigre has become so sought-after among foreign and local vacationers are Paraná Delta. Interconnecting rivers and steams form a wide web of waterways. You can explore the area and enjoy the scenic beauty in motorboats, kayaks, commuters and speed boats or yachts.

Paraná Delta Tigre Argentina

Paraná Delta Tigre Argentina

Several historic rowing clubs have been situated on the Lavalle-Victorica Promenade. While taking a stroll on this lovely promenade you will be able to understand why rowing, is one of the first sports locals took part in, plays such an important role in the life of the citizens of Tigre even nowadays.

Tigre Argentina, Marina - speed boats

Tigre Argentina, Marina – speed boats

Tigre - A Getaway Vacation

While travelling from one island to another, you will find some of relaxation areas and spa resorts, on your way, thus, Tigre is a perfect spot, for those who simply wants to forget about city rush for a few days or even weeks. Parque de la Costa amusement park is great attraction for those, who have arrived with children and there is a plenty of attractions to enjoy – boat rides, theme shows, roller coasters etc.

Tigre Art & Heritage

Those guests, who are particularly interested in history or art, are welcomed to visit some of the museums e.g. Tigre Art Museum (it holds not only a significant collection, but the building itself is definitely worth seeing as well) or Museum of Mate, where you will be introduced with the values, which characterises the Argentinian beverage culture (“Mate” is a drink, which is popular in South America and it has a unique way of making and consuming).

Art Museum in Tigre Argentina

Art Museum in Tigre Argentina

Diverse leisure activities and cultural heritage, which has not been forgotten during the development of Tigre, makes it an attractive destination worth visiting if you are looking for a good quality time to be spent on your vacation.

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