Things to do in St. Louis, Missouri

Missouri State is quaint, fun-adoring and one of those places you go to when you feel down, but there’s another side to Missouri as well, the modern, full-of-life metropolis with its nightlife and events and whatnot. This is best exemplified in the city of St. Louis. There are plenty of things to do in St. Louis.

Fun things to do in St. Louis

Things to do in St Louis - Gateway Arch

Things to do in St Louis – Gateway Arch

A singular sight dominating the skies is the Gateway Arch. This 630-foot stainless-steel affair is a monument that affords you a ride all the top of the arch where the world will feel small. St. Louis is also where Lewis and Clark, the infamous explorers, set out to discover more of the New World. Learn more at the awe-inspiring Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, where you’ll see their very first starting point.

The majestic Mississippi River is an intimidating beauty, so old is her past and so beautiful is she even today. One of the best ways to appreciate St. Louis’s history is to take a narrated cruise on this magnificent river. Adding to the experience is the fact that you’ll be on a 19th century paddle-wheel boat replica.

Busch Stadium

Busch Stadium

Baseball is that classic American sport and most cities these days cater to a lot of other sporting events than this amazing one. But here in St. Louis you’ll find mighty Busch Stadium where the St. Louis Cardinals come to play. They’re 11-time World champions! Some great ice hockey can be seen in winter, played at the Scottrade Center by the St. Louis Blues.

The Midwest theme park marvel called Six Flags St. Louis is one experience you can’t leave the city without seeing. From its roller coasters and other attractions like Batman and Screaming Eagle to its water-themed rides at Hurricane Harbor Water Park, you sure can sense the awesomeness with every ounce of spirit in you.

As mentioned earlier, the nightlife is a stunner here in St. Louis, primarily because of the sheer variety. Washington Avenue downtown is where you have a buffet of bars and nightclubs to pick from. Westport’s Plaza has you enjoying dinner and drinks with a show accompanying. There are several other locations, so all you need do is look or ask around and you’ll find your preference.

Things to do in St. Louis with Kids

St. Louis Zoo

St. Louis Zoo

The St. Louis Zoo is known for its diverse range of species, all of them maintained in natural habitats for the viewing pleasure of the families who come there to see them. Not only is it one of America’s leading zoological parks, it has a cool feature in the form of the Emerson Zooline Railroad. Take a guided tour on it all around the zoo and have fun.
Kids will enjoy Magic House where this interactive museum has amazing chances for them to play and learn. Like a replica of the Oval Office and performing karaoke. There’s so much else to do here and it keeps changing to give young minds the best learning opportunities.

Aside from all this, there’s one thing about St. Louis that stands out more than most: There’s so much to see here. You have to be here in the flesh and take a journey through this city filled with history, culture, beauty and modernity to rival most other metropolises.

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