Things to do in Saskatoon – Beaver Creeks, Geocaches & Vast Openness

Things to do in Saskatoon. Canada has all the makings of the ideal vacation spot. There are picturesque landscapes, peaceful ambiances and modern living, in addition to friendly people. When you choose a city like Saskatoon, you can be certain you’ll have a lot of fun there. There are many French speaking regions hereabouts, so knowing a little of that language will make you feel right at home. Don’t forget it can sometimes get a bit cold, so pack according to the season.

Hotels in Saskatoon

Saskatoon, Canada

Saskatoon, Canada

Hotels may well be one of the first things you’ll want to check into. The Radisson and the Sheraton Cavalier are ideal and offer amazing service, food and lodging. Once you’ve settled in, head to the Fairhaven Bowl for a nice evening spent knocking the pins. It’s priced in the affordable range and you’ll find this place comes alive according to festival days. There are many other events held here as well and it’s a great place to socialize.

An infamous coffee shop sits in Saskatoon by the name of Tim Hortons. Catering both to your palate and sense of peaceful joy has made it a fast-growing café chain. Timmies has so many different beverages for you to enjoy, so dig in and make the most of it. The South Saskatchewan River is the highlight of Saskatoon. It practically has a presence of its own that you simply must stand in. Better yet, take a boat ride on. Flowing right through the fun-loving city, you’ll definitely have plenty of sights to see and enjoy. There are large tracts of parkland on both banks of this river, so when you come to it be sure to partake of the myriad trekking, hiking, walking, cycling and even skating (when it’s winter) opportunities. There’s a cross-country skiing event that takes place in due season, don’t miss it if you’re arrived in that time-frame.

Geocaches in Saskatoon

Geocaches of Saskatoon - hidden goodies

Geocaches of Saskatoon – hidden goodies

Have you heard of Geocaches? There are 733,000 of them globally. They’re basically Hide n’ Seek using GPS where you find hidden stashes, sigh a log saying you’ve found it and move on. It may sound drab at first, but the second you start the hunt, you’ll feel like you’re in one of those Reality Television shows. It’s fun, amazing and thrilling beyond words. It’s ample reason for you to find any of 400 Geocaches in Saskatoon.

Parks and Conservations Saskatoon

Wanuskewin Heritage Park Saskatoon Canada

Wanuskewin Heritage Park Saskatoon Canada

As far as Parks and Conservation areas go, Canada has some of the most pristine and well-maintained ones. The climate is ideal for beauty to thrive and grow to the point that vast acres of land can sometimes look like virgin territory. This in mind, check out the Wanuskewin Heritage Park where you’ll be shown a flick depicting the place’s history. There’s a museum and also some entertainment shows. Don’t miss out on the Friendship Dance, it’ll be an experience to encourage back home where you come from.

The Beaver Creek Conservation Area is the perfect place to see Canadian flora and fauna thrive in a well-protected ecosystem. Being a prairie habitat, you’ll see all sorts of animal-life unique to the place. Saskatoon has plenty to offer you by way of balanced fun. There’s no too much of one thing, but a lot of everything, setting it apart from the ‘overflow’ that is the America. It has its own charms, its own beauty and will leave its own touch on your heart.


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