Things to do in San José Capital of Silicon Valley

San Jose Capital of Silicon Valley

San Jose Capital of Silicon Valley

The cityscape is a stunner, the thrills are a wonder and the sights and sounds of San José make for an amazing time. There are many things to do in San José. Almost everywhere you turn you have a scene worthy of going on a photo, so snap away at those cameras. Being California’s very first civilian settlement, you can’t go wrong about the historical depth the city has to offer.

This is the city you must have heard being called the Capital of Silicon Valley and as such is known for its progress and passion for technological advancement. The people are numerous and diverse, making San José the largest metropolis in Northern California and the tenth biggest metropolis in America.

Historical Places in San José

New Almaden Mine  Ruins in San Jose

New Almaden Mine Ruins in San Jose

As you can imagine, the beauty and variety of a visit here has no words to fully describe it. Sites where such sublime history can be enjoyed are at places like the Alviso Historic District that’s earned a spot on the National Register of Historic Places and, sitting on nine acres, roots back to the 18th century when it was many things including a settlement and a boating/shipping port.

South of San José are the Santa Teresa Hills where you’ll find yet another historical marvel unique to the location called the New Almaden Mine, once the most productive mercury mine in the US of A. These are but a couple of stuff history lovers will be smitten with.

Downtown San José & Nearby

Are you an outdoors sorta person? There are plenty of events held Downtown and they vary with the seasons, so check out the roster and get with the program, because there’s no time to lose; a world of fun awaits.

While you’re out, check out the City Hall Rotunda. It’s a sight for sore eyes. Then there’s Mount Hamilton and Lick Observatory that sits atop it. Yes, one name sounds formal and the other funny, but the panoramic views and the learning you’ll find here has few parallels. Just be punctual about the visiting hours the Observatory pins up.

Being an early settlement, you’ll find many Missions here in San José, a fine example of the lot being Mission Santa Clara. Founded in 1777, it takes its well-deserved place as the 8th oldest Mission among the 21 California Missions present in the State.

San José Activities for Kids

Winchester Mystery House San Jose

Winchester Mystery House San Jose

Happy Hollow Park and Zoo is the ideal family experience. The verdant landscape, the splendid animal-life and the overall sense of Life itself suffuses this magical location. There’s so much to do herein, from learning and fun activities, to tours and safaris. Thirsty for some water? Try the water parks! Raging Waters is, well, all the rage, so get there, get wet and have the thrill of your lifetime.

The Winchester Mystery House is a superb attraction. It’ll have you begging for more of the same experience. It’s fun, realistic, awesome and just plain amazing. Get your tickets on time, before they’re sold out and you’re good to go.

A touch of rich Egyptian History can be found inside the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum where all the things you may love about that exotic culture awaits your senses to soak up and remember.

These are but a few of the diverse things San José has in store for you. From the modernity, the cuisine and the active shopping and nightlife to the city’s history itself San José will leave you hungry for more.

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