Things to do in San Diego

From the sun to the surf, California does it best. And San Diego is one city where so much life runs like flood water. There are plenty of things to do in San Diego. You may think it’ll be too hot here, but the city is actually pretty mild. But pack sunscreens anyway and get your swim wear ready for the beaches.

Fun things to do in San Diego

Things to do in San Diego - Grey Whales

Things to do in San Diego – Grey Whales

Getting around the city is pretty easy. You have affordable car rental services and public transport too, with adequate directions provided everywhere you turn. The best places to stay in sunny San Diego are Solamar in the Gaslamp Quarter and Tower 23 which stands by the boardwalk in Pacific Beach. They have stellar service, superb utilities and plenty of means to enjoy the city to the best possible extent. Of course, they can get a bit expensive, but the bill is truly worth it.

If you’re heading to San Diego in late December and early April, be sure to catch the Grey Whales. This is their migration cycle and the sight of so many whale families will stun you. You get to see them close too, on boats or yachts or other means, so take plenty of cameras when they make that not-so-often appearance to the surface.

Surfing at Pacific Beach

Surfing at Pacific Beach

Who can forget surfing? Mission Beach and Pacific Beach are superb locations to learn surfing or try your honed skills on the wonderful waves. It’s a very free and fun location, don’t be surprised to see joggers, bicyclists and skaters enjoying runs, skates and rides along the sidewalks.

Free things to do in San Diego

As far as Parks go, they’re amazing. Check out Balboa Park where you’ll find more than plant life. The park offers free admission to residents on Tuesdays. Spanish Renaissance-style buildings in their pink hues are classy and the free-entry Timken Museum of Art is a marvel. Also, don’t leave the Old Town State Historic Park out of your list. It’s basically a recreation of the original San Diego settlement, so you can be sure you’ll go back in time to the mid-1800s. There’s shopping, fine Mexican dining and free museums so your day will be well spent indeed.

Balboa Park

Balboa Park

Speaking of food, there’s no way you can miss out on the cuisine of Searsucker in the Gaslamp Quarter. It may sound weird, but the food is brilliant. It looks like warehouse, but inside you’ll find a restaurant and a welcome bar too. Try the johnnycake, also called cornmeal pancake, and the octopus and cress salad, wash it down with fine liquor and get some snacks to go.

San Diego’s bar scene is a stunner, especially the rooftop ones. They make it so grand, with DJs in attendance and actual fire pits aflame. FLOAT, at the Hard Rock, is a fine example, so head there. Soon, you’ll learn where the night owls go and, for a city that’s known for its sun, the people sure do know how to party the night away.

Things to do in San Diego with Kids

San Diego Zoo - Panda

San Diego Zoo – Panda

The world-famous San Diego Zoo is a must-see, especially if you’ve come with family. It’s in the Balboa Park region and you’ll find some of the best designs, habitats, learning and animal-life here. There are only a handful of other zoos in the world to rival this one and its passion for displaying fauna at their happiest and promoting conservation. And don’t leave Sea World out. The orca and dolphin shows are sensational.

San Diego has so much to offer, from diversity to thrills to simply awe-inspiring moments. So get with the program and have the time of your life.

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