Things to do in Sacramento

California is the best. It’s one of those amazing places where you’re guaranteed fun and thrills no matter when you go. There’s always something or the other happening here and the same can be said for one of its prized cities, Sacramento.
There are plenty of things to do in Sacramento. You can take helicopter tours over the whole city and local points of interest. Just enquire with Cutting Edge Helicopters and the services they can get you. Remember that California is a very expensive place, so don’t complain if you see over the top prices. However, there are many free things to enjoy.

Free things to do in Sacramento

Things to do in Sacramento - Big Four Building

Things to do in Sacramento – Big Four Building

Check out the Big Four building, a bustling business spot which is a part of Sacramento’s history. It has a hardware store and a Railroad Museum Library. Speaking of which it’s named after the four big names in the railroad industry of yester years: Stanford, Crocker, Huntington and Hopkins.

The Eagle Theatre is another freebie where you can partake of the Old Sacramento Underground Tour Program and enjoy stage performances on Labor Day. Basically, you get a people’s view of Sacramento and all the cool historical places around the city. Speaking of history, check out the Pony Express Monument which has an interesting racing past worth learning.

Aerospace Museum of California

Aerospace Museum of California

Of course, the Victorian houses lining the Sacramento streets are a must-see for they’ve stood the test of time and look as beautiful today as they did then. Many such houses sit on the Seventh to 16th streets, from E to I streets. You simply must see two of them: Heilbron home at 740 O St. and the Stanford home at 800 N St. W.A.

There are more than twenty other free things to do in Sacramento. Moving on, don’t leave the Aerospace Museum of California at 3200 Freedom Park Drive and the Sacramento Children’s Museum at 2701 Prospect Park Drive out of your list. There’s a lot to appreciate there. The Red Hawk Casino at 1 Red Hawk Parkway and the infamous Thunder Valley Casino at 1200 Athens Avenue will take you into a Hollywoodish world of gambling.

Fun things to do in Sacramento

Take time off to relax at the Thai Massage Spa Retreat on 1314 H Street before heading on to the sip fine wine at Deavar Vineyards at 12455 Steiner Road and head on to the superb amusement park Raging Waters at 1600 Exposition Blvd. All these addresses being provided make it easy for you to stay on course and not get lost. You have so much to do and see and what’s suggested here is a handful of the best in a list of several others Sacramento has waiting for you to soak up. The clime is pleasantly warm and inviting.

Ludy’s Main St. BBQ (667 Main Street) has superb cuisine and you’ll find an amazing selection of wines at L Wine Lounge and Urban Kitchen (1801 L St., #50). It’s to die for. You can’t come to Sacramento and not groove to the night beat. Party at the Blue Cue at 1004 28th Street and give the Monkey Bar at 28th and Capitol (inside Cafe Bernardo) a shot.

This city is a bomb of thrills just waiting to explode and take you along for the ride of your life. There’s no place like Sacramento so head on down and have fun.

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