Things to do in Hurghada, Egypt

#4 in Best Places to Visit in Egypt - Being the preferred destination for Egyptian tourists from Cairo, Hurghada is a traditional, friendly and welcome town standing on the Red Sea coast. It’s had its share of bad Press, meaning the Muslim upheavals that have been going on in the country have made it unsafe, or so people say. Well, allay your fears because Hurghada is a very safe place with plenty of friendly people. Most tourists, especially British and American find it quite pleasant and fun to visit.

Hurghada is basically the capital of the Red Sea Governorate and as such affords you the chance to soak up a vast tract of history behind the town and its nearby locations. Three districts make up Hurghada: El Dahar, Al-Sakkala and Al-Ahiaa.

Hurghada Districts

Bazaar Street, El Dahar - Hurghada

Bazaar Street, El Dahar – Hurghada

The first district is the oldest and from its markets to its fish stalls, you’re certain to find the shopping here quite transcendent.

The second district, also referred to as the tourist district, has beautiful walkways and a chance to visit the old port. Modernity comes alive in this district, from cinemas, hotels and designer stores to restaurants, clubs, bars and a whole lot of other fun places.

The third district stretches along the coastal road. It’s still under development and is home to only a few people. It still has that ageless charm you may want to check out, though.

Of course, Egypt is a hot place, climatologically speaking. Bring plenty of sunscreen and protective wear because the approximately 30 degrees tropical clime isn’t for everyone. Next, accommodations. Be sure to book in advance, just in case. The Aladdin Beach Club, Ali Baba Palace Club and Al Nabila Grand Bay are some of the best hotels to check into. If you’re seeking something less extravagant, you can always consider Bella Vista and the Dawar El Omda.

Hurghada Beach

Hurghada Beach

Hurghada Beach

Being a coastal town, you can expect a thriving beach scene. Catering to more radical swimmers, dive spots and wrecks are all the rage in Hurghada. Wreck spots like Balena and Excalibur are pretty close by, 6 and 2 kms. respectively. As for diving spots, El Fanadir Foc (7 kms. out) and Ras Umm Hesiwa (40 kms. out) are great choices. All these locations are splendid and the same can be said for the tens of others available. Simply check out the listings either on-site or online and you’re good to go.

You can also find amazing day trips here. There’s one for Luxor and another for Cairo. On a more modern note, don’t forget the golf courses, like the Cascades of Soma Bay and the Steigenberger Golf Resort. The fields are immaculate and the gaming experience is unforgettable.

April through June is the best time to head to Hurghada, considering the heat and how comfortably you can enjoy the beach scene as well as the diving, wreck-seeing and sunbathing opportunities. All in all, Hurghada is one Egyptian town that will leave a memory in you very heart.

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