Things to do in Banff

Banff National Park

Banff National Park, British Columbia

Banff National Park is the first national park in Canada and is the most famous of the Canadian Rockies’ parks. There is 1500 kilometres of trails and is one of Canada’s leading tourist attractions. You can also drive into the park. There is abundant wildlife, and the backdrop is spectacular.

Bow Valley Parkway When going to Banff make sure you take the Banff National Park 1A route (also known as the Bow Valley Parkway) instead of the highway. Chances of seeing wildlife are much higher. Commonly spotted animals include Elk, Mountain Goats and if you are lucky you can spot a bear.

Banff Gondola is a ride available to go up the Sulphur Mountain.  It takes you all the way to the top. The view over Banff and surrounding mountains from the top of the Sulphur Mountain is magnificent. Gondola ride is an integral part of the “Banff” experience. Chances of seeing wildlife are also high.

Banff Gondola Rates: Adult (16+):- CAD $29.95; Child (6-15):- CAD $14.95; Infant (0-5):- FREE

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is absolutely stunning and breathtaking.  It’s beautiful and serene. The lake is located in Banff National Park. There are hiking trails around the lake. The different activities offered around this area are snow boarding, skiing, dog sledding, mountain biking and horse riding. The lake itself is used for ice skating and ice fishing in winter and kayaking in summer.

Banff Upper Hot Springs

banff hotspringsThe Banff Hot Springs is located 2.5 kilometres south west of Banff. To sit in the hot springs nestled in the Canadian Rockies is truly a remarkable experience.  It’s worth every penny and totally worth your time. You get a stunning mountain view from soothing, warm waters.

Sunshine Meadows are a garden located within the peaks of the Canadian Rockies. The only way to reach sunshine meadows is either by hiking or by using a shuttle bus. You can take a bus to sunshine meadows and hike the looping trails around the lakes; Rock Isle, Grizzly and Larix. The view on these hikes is beautiful.

Bow Falls is a waterfall on the bow river. Since the falls are located within walking distance of Banff Springs Hotel they are visited by a large number of tourists. The area around bow falls is spectacular; amazingly clear flowing water, mountains, and a trail right next to the falls. The falls are not high but they are definitely worth a visit.

Banff Springs Golf Course is a very well maintained golf course and it is the best place to have a great overall golf experience. It’s also a great location to see wildlife. This place is absolutely gorgeous.

Things to do in Banff with kids

Mount Norquay is a mountain and a ski resort in Banff National Park. Most parts of Mount Norquay are for advanced skier. They also run snow tubing. A snow tube is an inflated inner tube from the tire of a large vehicle but with a very solid base. You sit on the tube and come downhill. This place is for people of all ages.

Nearby things to do in Banff

Lake Minnewanka is the largest waterway in Banff National Park. Lake Minnewanka is a 10 minute ride from Banff. This lake is beautiful; pristine, serene and the mountains surrounding it are remarkable. The boat ride on the lake is a very pleasant experience. You can spend hours at the lake admiring the beauty and taking tonnes of pictures.

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