The Big Ben, London

The Big Ben Clock

The Big Ben Clock

Ranked #1 in Famous places in London.

Ranked #2 in UK Tourism

The Big Ben is the clock tower in the north part of Palace of  Westminster and for the longest time been the symbol of UK and London. Built in 1958 many say the name was given after Benjamin Hall who supervised the clock installation, while some other records show its linkage to a famous boxer by the name Benjamin. As for the visiting tourist, it really doesn’t matter who lineage it belongs to, its simply a great place to see and a centrepiece for all things in London.

The Big Ben Clock Facts

  • Each dial is seven metres in diameter
  • The hour bell of Big Ben is 8 feet in diameter, weighs 13.5 tons
  • The minute hands of Big Ben are 4.2 m long and weigh about 100 kg There are 312 pieces of glass in each clock dial
  • When the parliament is in session a light  above the clock is turned on
  • Timekeeping at the Big Ben still uses adjustments by weights, coins wheels and a coins placed on  pendulum.
  • It is tradition to celebrated New Year in London with the chimes of Big Ben. It started on 31 December 1923
  • On June 2012 Big Ben was officially renamed to Elizabeth Tower in honour of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, but continues to be know world over by the name “Big Ben”
  • Big Ben is the largest  4-faced chiming clock in the world
Big Ben - Most Famous Place in London

Big Ben – Most Famous Place in London

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