Mountain Zebra National Park – Home To Cape Mountain Zebras

The endangered species of Cape Mountain Zebra have been fighting an uphill battle until 1937 when Mountain Zebra National Park in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa was declared a nature reserve to save them. Today the park is proud to have more than 700 Cape Mountain Zebras grazing the lands. You can differentiate them from other zebras by the unique fold of skin on its throat. 

Cheetahs on the Prowl - Mountain Zebra Park

Cheetahs on the Prowl – Mountain Zebra Park 

Wildlife in Mountain Zebra National Park

Cape Mountain Zebra - Endagered species in Mountain Zebra Park

Cape Mountain Zebra – Endagered species in Mountain Zebra Park

With over 28 000 hectares the game reserve covers the mountain plateau it is home to  wildebeest, springbok and eland. As you go further into the forest you can spot the Black Rhino, Buffalo, a special species of wolf, brown hyena, cheetah, Cape rock elephant and many more. The cheetah claims the role of top predator in the park. Rare species that you may be fortunate to see include the aardwolf and brown hyena. The beautiful scenery, non polluted air, the peaceful atmosphere and plenty of wildlife is a unique experience at Mountain zebra national park. There are interesting activities such as guided drives conducted in the morning and evening, Bushmen Cave Painting, activities of foot (morning walk), Impofu 3day guided hike and cheetah tracking which would take 1-3 hours.  There is an entry fee to the park and activities have separate fees.

Birds in Mountain Zebra National Park

Black Verreaux, Jackal buzzard, Martial eagle and pale winged startling are some of the bird species that you can spot here. The park is the habitat of large billed lark. Grey winged Francolin, ground woodpecker, orange breasted rock jumper and mountain wheat eater. African rock pipit and pink billed lark are rarely found here.

Getting There?

Mountain Zebra is situated 12km from the Cradock town in Eastern Cape. It is nine hours drive away from Cape Town International Airport. From the domestic Port Elizabeth airport, it takes just three hours to reach the park.

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