The Burning Man, Nevada

It was in 1986 when two friends, Larry Harvey and Jerry James, along with some other friends, gathered in Baker Beach of San Francisco. Willing to experience some sort of “radical self-expression”, they burned a 9-foot high wooden man. This event was attended only by 20 people, but it was a birth of what is now known as one of the world’s largest festivals. In 2008, the Burning Man festival was attended by 50 000 people.

The Burning Man Festival 2013 Cargo Cult theme

The Burning Man Festival 2013 Cargo Cult theme

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Burning Man Location

The Burning Man festival now takes place in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Each year, from the last Monday of August till the first Monday of September, thousands of people attend the event that is actually not that easy to be defined. Some people tend to express opinion that there are only three mega-events on our planet: Glastonbury as a festival, Kazantip as a main event for the dance music and the Burning Man for something undefined, but yet impressive in terms of self-expression.

Burning Man Festival, Nevada

Unlike most of the art events, the Burning Man has maintained its philosophy throughout the years, despite the great amount of people that visit the desert each year. The main idea of the festival is that the week spent there is a change of lifestyle, where one must live in a community and self-expression spirit at the same time. The Burning Man is the event where one must be free of any prejudice or negative thinking.

Even though the ticket to festival is rather pricy (from 210 to 300$), all the earnings of the festival are invested in the main objects of the Burning Man – the installations. No artists require any payments for their performances.

If you ever happen to be in Nevada at the time of the Burning Man, or even if you are not close to the Black Rock Desert, considering attending this unique event is highly recommended.  The Burning Man is a true phenomenon, not to be defined or found anywhere else on the planet. It embodies genuine principle of the self-expression and self-revelation. Without any commerce, you are guaranteed to be having an unforgettable weekend that might even be life-changing to some of its attendants.

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