The Bahamas – Explore A Whole New World

The Bahamas is the most visited island every year and has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Bahamas is a group of over 600 islands and is in the Atlantic Ocean. A lot has been said about the climate of the Bahamas. The climate is tropical and is considered to be unsafe in the summer when hurricanes pass through the islands. So before you plan your vacation to the Bahamas do not forget to check the climate of the Bahamas at the point.

Paradise Island - The Bahamas

Paradise Island – The Bahamas

There is so much choice that each time you go to the Bahamas your vacation is diametrically different from the previous one at the Bahamas.

Things to do in the Bahamas

Two main attractions of The Bahamas are the two islands – Paradise Island and Grand Bahama Island.

Paradise Island, also known as Hog Island is rich in culture and history.

Grand Bahama Island is close to Florida and hence there are a lot more tourists visiting this Island than the Paradise Island.

Grand Bahama Island

Grand Bahama Island

For a real Bahamas experience visit the Bahamas Out Islands. These Islands are quiet, full of natural beauty, wildlife, plenty of beaches and tons of resorts and hotels. Locals also called Out Islands as Family Islands. Plenty of activities to choose from – Snorkeling, Diving, Swimming, Fishing, Kayaking, Boating, and Sailing.

Bahamas Out Islands

Bahamas Out Islands

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