Tallest Tree in the World

General Sherman Tree - tallest tree in the world

General Sherman Tree – tallest tree in the world

Nestled within the Sequoia National Park, in California, you’ll find the General Sherman. This is the tallest tree in the world and, by extension, the longest living.

General Sherman - Tallest Tree in the World

At a whopping 275 feet and with a trunk 25 feet thick, anyone’s imagination will agree this tree is indeed the full shilling. It’s purported to be about 2300 to 2700 years old!

Seeing as how such an amazing testament to the power of flora exists amidst man-made civilization, it’s kudos to the ones working at the Sequoia National Park for all their maintenance and preservation efforts and their love for living things. Speaking of the Park, you’ll certainly like to see the rest of the place on visiting, including its sister section, Kings Canyon National Park.

Other Attractions & Activities

Lodgings in either place can be booked using the Kings Canyon Park services. Grant Grove Lodge is one prime example that springs to mind. One of the best ways to enjoy the Park is to go camping. Take plenty of photographs, though. There are hundreds of snap-worthy shots just waiting to happen.

Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park

Though the park trails are off limits for biking, the main roads are open it. As for camping, South Fork and Mineral King are two of the favorites, because they have added amenities. If you’re into fishing, there are plenty of opportunities here in the Park. Licenses (especially for 16 year olds and over) and tackle can be gotten at Grant Grove, Stony Creek and other places.

Giant Forest, Stony Creek and Cedar Grove, among others, offer you the chance to buy groceries, food and whatnot, making it quite easy for you if ever the need to store up comes along. With 140 miles of roads in the Park, and with 800 miles of trails too, you sure can enjoy a nice trek, hike or both.

Kings Canyon National Park

Kings Canyon National Park

Horse riding is a common passion for most people coming to the Park and you can see the whole place from a view that most of them hold is sublime. Imagine visiting the General Sherman on horseback. You’ll feel you stepped back in time.

Aside from all this, the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks offer a lot of programs, be it winter, summer, spring or fall, which you’re sure to enjoy. Come prepared to taste it all. Be sure to appreciate the grandeur of the largest tree in the world.

1879 saw to it being christened after William Tecumseh Sherman who was, well, a general during the American Civil War. The name was given to the tree by naturalist James Wolverton who has gained his share of fame over the years.

The General Sherman is one of Nature’s most powerful statements and the Park it sits in is yet another jewel of such splendor, determination and the ability to evolve and survive.

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