Tallest Bridge in the World

Nowadays traffic between the regions has become very easy. Mankind has found ways of competing with the nature, sometimes even achieving something that once was thought to be impossible. A good example of this engineering success is bridges. They have become longer and higher, giving us the opportunity to easily visit places that used to be hard to reach. Especially hard to construct are particularly tall bridges as gravity is a major issue of building them. However, the engineers have been able to construct some really amazing and incredibly high bridges.

Millau Viaduct - Tallest Bridge in the World

Millau Viaduct – Tallest Bridge in the World

5 Tallest Bridges in the World

Tallest Bridge in the World - Milau Viaduct in France

The world’s record belongs to the Milau Viaduct in southern France and spans the valley of the river Tarn. It is 343 meters high and therefore it is just a bit shorter than the Empire States building. The construction of it cost approximately 400 million Euros and broke some more world records, for example, it has also the highest bridge tower and the highest pylons of the world.

Second Tallest – Russky Bridge in Russia

The 2nd place belongs to the Russky Bridge in Russia. It was completed in July 2012 and is 320 meters tall. The bridge was built to serve Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. Since main activities took place on Russky Island, a bridge was needed to connect the main part of Vladivostok with the island. It is world’s largest cable stayed bridge; however, this feat of engineering has been widely criticized as its costs would be more than 1 billion USD which is an enormous amount of money bearing in mind that the population of the island is only 5 thousand.

Russky Bridge

Russky Bridge

Third Tallest – Sutong Bridge in China

Sutong Bridge in China is 306 meters tall and it spans the Yangtze River, connecting Nantong and Changshu. With the length of 1008 meters it holds a record of world’s longest span. The bridge cost 1.7 billion USD and was announced as the 2010 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Sutong Bridge

Sutong Bridge

Fourth Tallest – Pearl Bridge in Japan & Fifth Tallest - Stonecutters Bridge in Hong Kong

World’s 4th and 5th tallest bridges can also be found in Asia. Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, also known as the Pearl Bridge in Japan and is 289 meters tall. The bridge connects Kobe with on Awayi Island. It is a world record of the longest central span of any suspension bridge with the height of 1991 meters. Only 30 centimeters shorter is Stonecutters Bridge in Hong Kong, China. It connects Nam Wan Kok Island with Stonecutters Island. The construction of the bridge took 5 years (2004-2009) and cost nearly 2.8 HK.

Pearl Bridge

Pearl Bridge

Although, all these bridges seem like really difficult engineering achievements, most probably, after some time these records will be broken and new bridges will prove how possible it is to deal with the most complicated challenges, that, at the first, seems even impossible.

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