Swedish People

A lot of Swedish people are initially reserved but once a rapport is established, many people will find that they are very kind and helpful. With that said, Swedish people generally do not intrude into the business of others and they shy away from confrontation.

Swedish People

Swedish People (credit)

The language spoken by the majority of all the people who live in Sweden is Swedish. It is a Scandinavian language. The Swedens enjoy keeping tradition, but they relish in the fact of keeping the tradition more than keeping the reason why they are celebrating the day. They celebrate Christmas and Easter but the fact that those times are inspired by biblical happenings is rarely recognized. Swedish people like the festivities and having fun with those who are close to them. They enjoy the times so much that there are holidays to celebrate the change of seasons! National Day of Sweden is a holiday where they celebrate the fact that Sweden became an independent state.

Sweden strives to promote gender equality, and jobs have been known to have what is referred to as parental leave, which can give over four hundred days of paid time once a baby is born or adopted. The husband or the wife can take part in this benefit.


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