Suez, The City Surrounding Suez Canal

When some one says Suez, we naturally tend to think of the famous Suez Canal. But there is a pretty little port city around the canal. Located 100 kms away from Cairo, the City of Suez is easily reachable by car.

Suez, Port City by Suez Canal, Egypt

Suez, Port City by Suez Canal, Egypt

People are friendly and warm and ready to help the tourists with some authentic tips and information. The lead attraction of the City of Suez is the 100 miles long Suez Canal that links the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. Today, the Suez Canal is one of the most engaged shipping paths in the world that is responsible for nearly 8% of the world’s sea trade. Cruising along the 103 miles long canal is quite an experience. The voyage is serene and idyllic with openness all around you. 

Suez Canal, Egypt

Suez Canal, Egypt

Places Near Suez

Port Said is a city with beautiful public gardens and impressive mosques. The Lighthouse of Port Said is another place to visit. Then there are some museums where one can learn about the interesting history about the place.

Places Near Suez - Port Said

Places Near Suez – Port Said

Pre-war houses also attract tourists to Port Said. This is the area where the British and French stayed before the war. The area looks interesting with identical houses looking at each other with the same distance keeping them apart. The seaside is also visible from here.

 Shopping & More

It is very interesting to walk along Downtown Suez and it can be a shopper’s delight. Microbuses are available for transport here. One can enjoy some delicious seafood here. The price is attractive and food taste real good.

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