Stone Town, Zanzibar

Stone Town, Zanzibar

Stone Town, Zanzibar (credit)

Stone Town is also called Mji Mkongwe or ‘old town’ in Swahili language. First Stone houses in Stone Town were built way back in 1830s.

Stone Town Zanzibar Facts

Part of the old Zanzibar city, with its own wealthy history, and sitting on Unguja’s western coast, Stone Town saw a rich trade in both spices and slaves during the 19th century. Art and architecture aren’t far off the mark either, and you’ll see myriad influences from India, Arabia, Persia and Europe, serving as diverse background for the prominent Swahili culture here. Heritage alone attracts several hundred tourists to Stone Town. Coral rock is quite widespread, in fact the town gets its name from the coralline rock many ancient households once had going into their construction.

Stone Town Photos

Aerial view of Stone Town

Aerial view of Stone Town (credit)

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