Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden

Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden

Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden (credit)

With about 30,000 islands making up this lovely island-set, and with some awesome views of the Baltic Sea, making that yet another attraction here, the Stockholm Archipelago is serene and has a diverse landscape, from grassy knolls and rocky outcrops to extensive inhabited islands that make for some of the most memorable summer party atmospheres in the world.

Stockholm Archipelago Activities

Ferry services are a great way to get around and they’re also rather cost effective, making them a smart choice. In addition to biking, swimming, hiking, exploring and fishing you also get to partake of some fine kayaking, ice yachting, berry gathering in August and mushroom harvesting in August through September. Food is amazing at the Swedish restaurants here and camping too, where you have the freedom to barbecue away.

Kayaking in Stockholm, Sweden

Kayaking in Stockholm, Sweden (credit)

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