Sri Pada/Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka

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Sri Pada (aka Adam’s Peak) meaning “the sacred foot”, is a beautiful sacred mountain peak 2243 m tall located in the Ratnapura district of the Sabaragamuwa Province, Sri Lanka. The surrounding mountain region preserves wildlife species like elephants, leopards, and many endangered species.

Sri Pada/Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka

Sri Pada/Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka

Legends of Sri Pada  

Sri Pada - The sacred foot

Sri Pada – The sacred foot

The legend speaks of the hollow formation at the summit of Sri Pada in different ways. Sri Pada, “the sacred foot” is believed by (1) Buddhists to be of the foot print of Buddha as he left earth after gaining enlightenment; (2) Christians and Muslims believe it to be footprint of Adam when he first set foot on Earth after having cast out of paradise (hence Adam’s Peak) and (3) Hindus believe it to be the foot Print of Lord Shiva and thus the name Shiva Padam (Shiva’s foot) or even Samanalakande (Butterfly Mountain, where butterflies go to die).

Sri Pada Pilgrimage

Sri Pada - Pilgrimage Season

Sri Pada – Pilgrimage Season

Irrespective of religion and faith Sri Pada has been a pilgrim centre for over 1000 years for the people of Sri Lanka. The pilgrimage season begins in December on full moon “Poya day” until Vesak festival full moon “poya day” in May. During the season the path is illuminated by strings of lights up to the mountain. It is quite a sight. Other times the region gets heavy rain and roads get wet and not safe to climb.

View From Sri Pada

The fine view of the morning sun from the mountain is a view not to be missed. On a clear day you can see the capital city of Colombo which is about 65km away, the town of Beruwala and the lighthouses along the coast. The sunset is equally wonderful, emitting the mountains shadow down towards the coast

The four important rivers of Sri Lanka including the longest river Mahaveli Ganga have the source from this mountain. The eastern and southern districts of Adam’s Peak yield precious stones such as emerald, ruby and sapphire for which the island country got the name “Ratnadvipa”.

Trails to Sri Pada

  • Go through tea town of Hatton and Maskeliya passing “Seetha gangula”. Its 4 miles if you take this path.
  • The second path is situated from Kuruwita (a small town closer to Ratnapura). If you take this rout you have to walk 10 miles to reach to the top of the mountain (difficult path but the most beautiful way to Sripada.)
Sri Pada/ Adams Peak Trails

Sri Pada/ Adams Peak Trails

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