Sri Lankan People

Sri Lankan people really care about their reputation or as they call it – the face. As for guests from Western cultures this kind of an attitude is not that common – we are more free in our actions and expressions. Sri Lankan people are more cautious and it, indeed, can sometimes be quite difficult to understand what they mean, think or would like to do. Read between the lines and listen very carefully.

Sri Lankan People

Sri Lankan People (credit)

The social statuses or castes are still very important as well as there are significant differences between men and women values, so at some point you may find it hard to cope with the inequality. However, you should understand that it comes from the history and traditions that are already hundreds of years old and majority of Sri Lankan people do not find that odd at all.

In general it is very likely that you will enjoy the company of Sri Lankan people. They tend to be very friendly, kind and caring. They are incredibly hospitable and almost never refuse when it comes to helping out a foreign guest. So it is quite clear that once they see that you are being respectful and they are not going to lose their “face” around you, they will not hide their affection and show a positive attitude.


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