Spanish People

The term Spanish people, or Spaniards, is technically correct when discussing those from a Spain heritage. And inside of Spain, although the official language is Spanish (aka Castilian) there are other languages such as Galician, Catalan, and Basque (or Euskora) that also have a presence. Diversity is rampant in Spain, not just with the language they speak but also with the religions they practice. Christians, Jews, and Muslims can be found in Spain but the majority of Spaniards are Catholic.

Spanish People

Spanish People (credit)

The lifestyle of Spanish people is one that is very close. Villages are constructed with markets, stores, houses, schools, and the like near each other. There are some people who live dispersed in the country, but that is a minority and for those who mainly breed cattle. The food delighted in by Spanish people have a solid base of lentils, rice, bread, garden vegetables, eggs, and an array of meat such as veal, lamb, and chicken. During the middle of the day, many Spanish people make a soup for the entire family to enjoy that may include meats, potatoes, and green vegetables. When the Spanish want to spend time together, cooking and eating is generally a way to make that happen.


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