South Korean People

If you are a western traveler who seeks for a major culture shock, then probably you should visit South Korea some day. South Korean people’s mentality, behavior and values in some aspects are in a rather large contrast with what is usual for Western people. However, you will be surprised of how positively these interesting features can be expressed.

South Korean People

South Korean People (credit)

The biggest and most important value of basically every South Korean is family and you have to really respect that if, for instance, visiting and spending time in a South Korean home. The individualism does not play that big a role in the life of South Korean people. They truly are thinking about the benefit of whole family and that is what leads them pretty much every day. The hierarchy of the society is vertical meaning that the status is also very important for South Korean people but luckily the meaning of “status” is more related to the age and experience rather than career and amount of money that a person is having on his/her bank account. Respect the elders, when meeting one, be the one to give a bow, they will appreciate that you know this custom.

However, keep in mind that South Korea is listed among the most homogeneous countries in the world, which means that there is very little ethnic diversity, so do not be surprised if you feel like getting an extra attention from the locals e.g. lots of looks and questions. Do not feel offended by that, even though the citizens of larger cities get more and more used to tourists and foreign guests, people in the countryside are still very curious about every foreigner that arrives there.


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