South African People

South African people like to call themselves “The Rainbow Nation” thus clearly showing that it is a country where many nations and ethnic groups live side by side: Zulu, Tswana, Xhulu, English and Afrikaner are just a few to be named. Of course there are some differences between the groups, however what makes the country so special is, in fact, this unusual mix and the way they have influenced each other through the years. There are 11 official languages in South Africa and even the national anthem is multi-lingual, so you can imagine what a great cultural diversity can be observed while visiting this country.

 South African People

South African People (credit)

When meeting South African people for the first time they will probably greet you with a warm attitude and great, sincere smile. When talking, it is important for them to stand as close as possible and they like to make a direct eye contact while communicating. South African people highly appreciate their family and friends, yet with co-workers and colleges they try to keep a specific distance and personal space.

When visiting South Africa it will be quite impossible to avoid all the varied cultures. All you can do is not only to observe it but at least try to be introduced with each piece to better understand how this mosaic that we call South African society has been put together.


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