Somerset West, South Africa

Somerset West is a nice town in the Western Cape of South Africa. Politically, it is included in the Cape Town metropolitan municipality. It is situated in the slope of the Helderberg and is 50 kilometers away from the capital Cape Town.

Helderberg Nature Reserve

Helderberg Nature Reserve

The history of Somerset West is related with the Dutch soldiers who chose the area as their place of stay on 1672. Officially founded in 1822, the town was named after Lord Charles Somerset, adding “West” to differ it from a town in South Africa with a similar name – Somerset East.

Somerset West Attractions

One of the main attractions of the region is the Helderberg Nature Reserve. The reserve is mostly acknowledged because its a perfect place for observing numerous bird species, but you can also see some mammals there, for example, duiker and bontebok. In addition, the reserve is a place where wild protea, also known as sugarbush, grows. There’s a choice between several walking paths, and those who want to enjoy a quiet walk before it gets too hot, can apply for receiving an Early Riser key which gives opportunity to walk the trails even before the reserve is open to the public.

Lourensford Estate

Lourensford Estate

Verlegen Wine Estate is another popular object of tourist interest. The estate has a more than 300 years long history of producing an excellent wine. The visitors of estate can enjoy its gardens, offered cuisine, wine-tasting centre and having a tour in the wine cellars. The Verlegen Estate is truly a great place for having a nice calm evening in a place with an interesting historical background and a variety of high-class attractions to its visitors.

There are several other estates like that in Somerset West. You can also have a nice picnic in Morgenster Estate, widely renowned for its Bordeaux wines and olive oil. Lourensford Estate is a good option for wine lovers as well.

Somerset West is a town with a rich history, nature and culture. The sophisticated mix of all of them is what makes it so attractive to the visitors of South Africa.

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