Singaporean People

Although you may think that Singaporean people should be very similar to Chinese, it is not completely right. Of course, this conclusion usually comes from knowledge that about 70% of the inhabitants of this great and bustling country are Chinese. However, you should keep in mind that the rest of it is formed by Indians, Malays, Eurasians and some other ethnics and thus prepare yourself for a really multi-cultural experience in Singapore.

Singaporean People

Singaporean People (credit)

In fact, there are four official languages in Singapore – Malay, Chinese, English and Tamil, which means that Singaporean people themselves (at least a great majority) can speak more than one foreign language, and there are many people who have learned even three or four, which means that as a traveler there should not be any communication problems between you and the locals.

Singaporean people are usually quite busy people so they will not stop to take time to help you. However, you can always try asking and in that case they mostly do not refuse to answer since in general they are quite friendly. At first they might seem too loud and, yes, as many travelers have noticed, but that is something that cannot be changed so easily. So, if you are not comfortable with that, there is actually very little you can do but to accept it without offending anyone.


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