Sim Lim Square, Singapore

Sim Lim Square, Singapore

Sim Lim Square, Singapore (credit)

Ranked #10 in Singapore Tourism

Sim Lim Square would be the right choice during your visit to Singapore if you are into new gadgets and like to purchase some new technologies.

Sim Lim Square Attractions

It’s a huge six-storey plaza offering plenty of shops related to IT products – mobile phones, laptops, cameras, mp3 players etc. In some cases the prices there are actually lower and you could save some money by shopping there. However, as a tourist you have to be careful and should try to avoid the scams. Usually those are the cases when retailers are not showing the exact price of the product or trying to convince you to purchase a service that you do not need. The main advice would be to go to the mall with previous information about the product and its actual price in other shops so that you could compare them and see if it’s actually a great deal or not.

Inside Sim Lim Square

Inside Sim Lim Square (credit)

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