Sibiloi National Park – Known for its Fossils

Sibiloi National Park - Zebras

Sibiloi National Park – Zebras

Sibiloi National Park is famous for its scenic landscapes, wildlife and archaeological sites that have links to the origin of the man.

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How to get to Sibiloi National Park

Sibiloi Park is located 800 kms away from Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.  Sibiloi is the most remote national Park in Kenya. It can be accessed by road. It is a takes three days to reach from Nairobi, if you take the route via North Horr and Marsabit or Marala and South Horr. You can even travel from Nairobi to Kalokol to reach the western shores of the lake. Boat services are available across the lake.

The park derives its name from Mount Sibiloi located at Alia Bay. It covers 1,570 km². The boundaries of the park extend a kilometer into the lake, offering a range of scenic views. Go to African Safaris for more details about tours in Africa.

Sibiloi National Park Wildlife

Sibiloi National Park - Hippo

Sibiloi National Park – Hippo

Though arid and windblown, Sibiloi National Park boasts of a surprising range of wildlife, including Oryx, zebra, ostrich, gerenuk and a rare species called Tiang. Hyena, leopard, Grant’s gazelle and silver backed jackal can also be spotted here. The lake area that comes within the park limit has a large population of Nile crocodile. You can see numerous bird species, including ducks, flamingo and pelicans in the park.

The Park also houses a petrified forest, which tells a tale that this area was lush and green 7 million years ago. Kooba Fora is another major attraction of the park. It is a sand spit and the headquarters of a fossil hunting group. You can even find a small museum dedicated to the findings of the group. The fossil of giant tortoise is one of the main attractions of this place.

Attractions & Activities

The Park features two public campsites and sunset strip camp. You can stay in the Oasis lodge or tented camp inside the park. Self catering accommodation is also available. The guesthouse that offers self catering accommodation has all the essential amenities like comfy bedrooms, solar generated electricity, kitchen and dining. Guided tours are also available.
The Park supports a range of activities, which include archeological safaris animal and bird watching, camping and game viewing. The park can be visited any time of the year. It is an ideal spot for family picnics and get together. Carrying drinking water, picnic items, binoculars, cameras, guidebooks and sunglasses can be beneficial. Also carry camping equipment, if you want to stay overnight.

Sibiloi National Park Safari & Tours

Park Contact Information
Steve kamerino
Mobile: +254 720869449


Postal Address:
The Warden,
Sibiloi National Park
PO Box 219,
Lodwar, Kenya

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