Siam Park, Bangkok

Siam Park, Bangkok

Siam Park, Bangkok (credit)

With a nice catchy local name, Suan Siam, this water park holds plenty of thrills, something that will need several hours to fully appreciate. Since it opened about 30 years ago, Siam Park City in Bangkok today enjoys over 2 million visitors per year.

Siam Park City Attractions

From the large to the small, you’ll find variety where rides are concerned. Spread across 120 acres, this is quite simply Southeast Asia’s largest Themed Water Park. The four zones making up this enchanting location—Small World, X-Zone, Family World and Fantasy Zone—have rides all age groups will find amazing and suiting their individual preferences. From their gigantic amphitheatre regularly displaying shows from Russia, England, China and America to the more than captivating Pathfinder scout camp, Siam Water Park is a feast for the adventurous soul. Check out rides and attractions like Giant Drop, Twin Dragon, Jurassic Adventure, Dinotopia, TopSpin and several others.

Siam Park City

Siam Park City (credit)

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