Schloss Heidelberg, Germany

Ranked #4 in Famous German Castles

Ranked #4 in Germany Tourism

Schloss Heidelberg is a landmark castle in the city of Heidelberg called the “Romantic Town” of Germany. Schloss Heidelberg is one of the oldest and largest castles of all times and has gone many restorations. If you are a castle buff nothing beats Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany a must see attraction. More about Heidelberg Castle below.

Schloss Heidelberg, Famous Castle in Germany

Schloss Heidelberg, Famous Castle in Germany

Schloss Heidelberg Facts

- Bulit in:  AD 1214; Additions made  in: 1294, 1650
- Restorations: Throughout 1900′s
- Unique Trivia: Parts destroyed twice by lightening
- Past Residents:  Rupert III of Germany,  Ludwig III, Antipope John XXIII, Frederick V, Elizabeth Charlotte (Princess Palatine), Charles de Graimberg

Reaching Schloss Heidelberg

You can travel to Heidelberg by train either from  Frankfurt or Stuttgart which are the two nearest big cities with airports.  Stuttgart is good for flights from Europe.

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