Santorini Island, Greece

Santorini Island, Greece

Santorini Island, Greece (credit)

Ranked #2 in Greece Tourism

This ‘explosion’ of wonder called Santorini Island has much to see and do. It got its singular crescent shape from a volcanic eruption purported to have occurred sometime in 1650 BC.

Santorini Island Attractions

The views from here are simply indescribable. With an outer coast comprising black volcanic beaches and an inner edge that dives to 900 feet, meeting the sea at the bottom, you can’t get enough of this Island marvel. The shops, bars and restaurants add modernity to the place and the landscape is something out of Legend. Check out the Archaeological Museum of Pre-Historic Thira where any history lover will learn some amazing facts. The Santorini Volcano is an island-icon, so to speak. It’s a submerged one, a consequence of its past eruption that’s left the island’s center underwater and a 300-meter cliff and crater over the surface atop which you can see the white-painted Cycladic villages.

Santorini Island Pictures

Santorini  - World's Best Island

Santorini – World’s Best Island (credit)

Santorini Island Resort

Santorini Island Resort (credit)

Santorini Island Beach

Santorini Island Beach (credit)

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